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Session for James Meunier

A great session with Jessie, Vic and Sophie, and the incredibly talented producer Joe Davison at Auburn Jam studios at the end of September for singer/actor James Meunier. He's on tour with Sunset Boulevard at the moment. We'll be posting audio from the album when it's released!

Bernath composition for Canadian Space Agency

Victoria Bernath, our talented violist/composer/singer, performed her one-woman opera earlier this year. In April we recorded her piece commissioned by the Canadian Space Agency, for voice and viola. Have a listen on the audio pages.

Improvisation for Camilla Kerslake


Creative Session Strings is a collective of talented string players who specialise in the creation of unique string parts and sounds. Individually and as a group, the musicians record both existing scored parts, and improvised music, pushing the boundries of the traditional 'string section' and bringing their creative flair to a huge variety of projects.

With a small hand-picked selection of musicians whose performance and recording experience spans classical, jazz, pop, musical theatre, Balkan, Irish, folk, Latin, blues, contemporary and more, they bring limitless style and individuality. 

CSS musicians have recorded for artists including Baibre Anne, Camilla Kerslake, Charlie Dore, James Meunier, Jon Byrne, Julian Littman, Kit Richardson, Molly Armstrong, Nadim Naaman, Orfila, Steeleye Span, Tim Dickinson, Winterfelleth, and many more.

With internationally acclaimed composition and arranging credits between them, Creative Session Strings is also able to provide string arrangements for projects.

Jessie and Sophie spent the day improvising in the studio with mega producer Sean Genockey, creating sounds for the stunning crossover singer Camilla Kerslake. Some ethereal outtakes can be heard on the audio page.


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